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A new exokernel for computing today

Current available OS software is bloated and unnecessarily complex, which detracts from performance and increases maintenance costs. BareMetal is a 64-bit multi-core exokernel-based OS written from scratch. Starting with a clean slate ensures that only what is necessary and functional to the optimization of high-performance computing is included. It is built with secure application containers in mind. BareMetal is minimalist software which simplifies the process from start to finish. Low cost, negligible maintenance, and rock-solid reliability make BareMetal an essential tool for all server infrastructures.

Wikipedia says it best when it comes to exokernels:

Traditionally kernel designers have sought to make individual hardware resources invisible to application programs by requiring the programs to interact with the hardware via some abstraction model. These models include file systems for disk storage, virtual address spaces for memory, schedulers for task management, and sockets for network communication. These abstractions of the hardware make it easier to write programs in general, but limit performance and stifle experimentation in new abstractions. A security-oriented application might need a file system that does not leave old data on the disk, while a reliability-oriented application might need a file system that keeps such data for failure recovery.

One option is to remove the kernel completely and program directly to the hardware, but then the entire machine would be dedicated to the application being written (and, conversely, the entire application codebase would be dedicated to that machine). The exokernel concept is a compromise: let the kernel allocate the basic physical resources of the machine (e.g. disk blocks, memory pages, and processor time) to multiple application programs, and let each program decide what to do with these resources. The program can then link to a support library that implements the abstractions it needs (or it can implement its own).

Our model, like our OS, is simple and efficient:

Simple. Secure. Scaleable.

'Good enough' should not be good enough when it comes to performance and cost. How much is your server overhead costing you unnecessarily? BareMetal is changing the way the application container game is played.

Accept nothing but the best: BareMetal OS.